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Our Services


SCT is a customer driven company focused on providing top-notch design and equipment solutions for your company's electrical and controls needs in the industry. Our services include:

Design Engineering 

  • Verification of existing facility System Architectural Layout

  • Control & equipment room arrangements

  • Identification of additional instrumentation and subsystem requirements

  • Specification, qualification, and location of electrical apparatuses

  • Development of Scope of Work and preliminary plans (execution, commissioning, quality plans, etc.) 


Process Control Systems Engineering

  • DCS, SIS, and related PLC equipment specs, configuration, and third party systems

  • Design and layout equipment

  • Provide all necessary documents required for installation, record, and maintenance


Custom Fabrication and Controls

  • Blast Resistant Buildings

  • Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIE)

  • Electrical Power Center (EPC)

  • Electrical Enclosures

  • Pressurized Buildings


Buildings can be furnished with:

  • Switchgear, Controllers, Generator Controls, Motor Control Centers, Power System Applications, Custom Electrical Controls

  • PLC Applications, Network Communications, Centralized Control and Automation, Controls and Networking Applications, System Displays and Instrumentation, Custom Design Applications

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