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Our Facility

Skid and Sheet Metal Shop
20,000 sq. ft of crane served area for fabricating structural skids and sheet metal parts. (2) overhead bridge cranes (10) Miller  welding machines (4)CNC Pressbrakes from 10ft to 20ft length and 700 tons bending capacity, (1) 10’ x  ¼” shear and (1) 13’ x ¼” shear, (2) track welding/plate burning machines, and (2) iron working machines.


Building Fabrication and Integration Shop
40,000 sq. ft of crane served space for erecting metal buildings and completion of system integration. 5000 sq. ft. internally fenced area for storage of customer supplied equipment.




Finishing Shop


6,000 sq. ft area under roof for electrostatic paint equipment for coating and spray foam insulation equipment.

Staging and Factory Acceptance Testing Area


400,000 sq. ft. secure fenced yard for finished buildings, electrical installations, FAT’s and staging. Yard serviced by 3000A, 480VAC, 3 phase power for all required testing of customer products.

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